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LEO BOX OOFFICE: Vijay broke Rajinikanth’s Box Office record in the collection! Here’s the Exclusive Update…


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In the Tamil film industry, there is currently a fierce competition among top stars that surpasses other film industries, creating significant controversies not only among the fans but also within the cinema fraternity. Movies of the top stars, Rajinikanth and Vijay, are achieving unprecedented box office success and are generating extensive debates.

For instance, Vijay’s film “Leo,” directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, released on the 19th of the last month in five languages. This movie, since its release, has been performing exceptionally well not only at the box office but also in terms of critical reception, setting a new standard in the Tamil film industry. Despite receiving highly polarized reviews, the film managed to surpass all expectations at the box office.

Similarly, the first-day and 12th-day box office collections of “Leo” were announced officially by the production team, surprising many with the numbers. “Leo” has grossed an incredible 146.50 crores worldwide in its first day alone, setting a new benchmark in the industry. The film has achieved remarkable success, even amidst significant controversies and criticisms.

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Likewise, the production company of “Leo” managed to announce that within just 12 days, the film has grossed 540 crores, without any reduction in the box office collections. This astonishing success has left the entire Tamil film industry amazed.

In a similar vein, Rajinikanth’s “Jailer,” released just two weeks before, has been performing exceptionally well in the overseas market, grossing 184 crores in revenue within a short span. However, it’s worth noting that “2.0,” another film starring Rajinikanth, had crossed a staggering 1.64 billion rupees in revenue without any deductions.

Furthermore, there is more information expected to be revealed in the following days, suggesting that “Jailer” will surpass the total collections of “2.0” within just a couple of weeks, setting a new industry record.

These extraordinary achievements in the Tamil film industry have left fans and industry insiders astounded.

leo movie box office
leo movie box office official statement


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